Christmas Island

Christmas Island consists of a central plateau with several high points 360m above sea level. Much of the coastline is made up of 10–20m high cliffs, with small sandy beaches. The main moorage is at Flying Fish Cove.

With a resident population of around 1,500 plus a fly-in fly-out population of over 500 the islands residents are mostly of Chinese descent, with European and Malay minorities.

The main economic activities on Christmas Island are the mining of C grade phosphate, tourism, the provision of Government services and more recently the construction and operation of the Immigration Detention Centre. The Government sector includes administration, health, education, policing, customs and quarantine.

The annual red crab migration is a spectacular phenomenon. The island also offers specialist diving and fishing holidays and eco-tourism.

Christmas Island has a tropical equatorial climate. The average daily maximum is 28°C and the average daily minimum falls to 22°C. The dry season ranges from June to November.

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